Sexual Health


Sexual Health Testing

Sexual Health testing includes:

  • Full STI testing, including for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis and, depending on clinical circumstances, other conditions too.
  • Hepatitis B testing, for at-risk patients
  • Hepatitis B vaccine, if required
  • Hepatitis C testing for at-risk patients
  • HIV testing
  • Post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV

Online sexual health testing - new full STI testing service

The service offers free STI testing. Visit their website to see if you are eligible to order a free STI test kit.



  • No new patients will be enrolled onto PrEP Impact study
  • Existing patients on PrEP Impact study -Telephone consultation only


  • All patients will be contacted for telephone consultations

Contact of Chlamydia

  • Please contact the clinic for telephone consultation/advice

Contact with Gonorrhoea

  • Please contact the clinic for advice re treatment

Genital Warts

  • Please contact the clinic for advice re treatment


For information on Thrush


Bacterial vaginosis

For information on Bacterial vaginosis.


All of our services are free.


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